Hi, I'm  Gaysian and 21, I know it's too soon to tell you this, but i'm a guy who's afraid to face the future yet the truth, but i'm sure, "it gets better", no matter how. I'm currently living my dream in Germany. I speak english and german but i totally love talking in german though i'm still learning it.  

  • kunstspricht said: Write more stories about your life. i've been reading your post :).. you're really good at writing ;)



    I actually have a bunch of unfinished drafts saved. I’ll get around to it more. I’m under the firm belief that the more we talk about our individual experiences, the more Gay, Asian American culture can become part of the mainstream dialogue.

    We are an important part of the community and should be recognized.

    Also… It’s nice to write about these things and organize my thoughts.

    Look out for more soon!

    You’re kind of an inspiration to me, i just started to write these things too. I can’t imagine being a gaysian in the states, but being gaysian in the europe i guess wouldn’t make a big difference, or would it? :D

    I’m totally looking forward to it ;)

    'Sup, Life?

    Being away from home at this point is such a big deal for me.

    I mean, it has always been my dream to study abroad. To be away from my family, my friends, the whole society back home. I thought being abroad and starting a whole new life in a whole new world would be easy. But it is NOT! 

    I’ve never had a heart broken before. Yup, i just broke up with my bf. It was a great time though, but i’ve never thought that this is going to be so hard. it’s so hurtful. I have no idea, why i watched 500 days of summer again this time. This movie is sick! There’s always this moment, when you got to tell yourself “shit, why did Levit play my role in real life!”. But hey, it’s life, right? i mean just tell me that i’m going to be fine. 

    I used to spend my weekends with him, and therefore i got no time, to build friendships. It sucks. It just sucks. I wish i would’ve build friendships before we broke up, so that i got place to go for a situation like this.

    That’s the latest news about my life. I hope every things doing well. I’ll let you know as soon as i get better. <3


    der-einsame-junge said: Ich machte ein Austauschsemester dort! Ich wünsche so sehr, dass ich zurück gehen könnte. Ich vermiss es alles was Leipzig für mich war. Die Atmosphäre, die Leute, die Kultur, alles lol. Wo wohnst du genau?

    Warum studierst du nicht in Deutschland? Ich war ein Austauschschüler als ich 17 war, dann komme ich jetzt in Deutschland wieder zum Studieren. Ich wohne jetzt in Bochum. 40 Min von Düsseldorf! Warst du schon mal da?